General Meeting

We’re having our first General Meeting of 2020! This is your chance to voice any concerns or questions you want to direct towards the department or the faculty in this difficult time. We will be addressing the issue regarding the MEDA increase for new students, and not for current students. We will deliver your comments, concerns and questions (anonymously) to the department. The meeting will be recorded so that we make sure that we address ALL of the questions and comments; only EEGSS council members will have access to that recording. Once all of the questions and comments are transcribed, the recording will be deleted. We will post answers to your questions on our website as soon as we receive them. We may be able to answer some of your questions based on the information that we currently have. The quorum for General Meeting is 10% of the EEGSS members, so we encourage you to attend! 


DATE:  May 18, 2020

TIME: 17:00 (EST)